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All Categories > Industrial Gases, Cylinders & Dewars > N2-GEN™ Nitrogen Generator > Item # BeerBlast-100  

Item # BeerBlast-100, N2-GEN™ Nitrogen Generator

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Call Us at 800-686-4674 or E-Mail for Further Information.

• Never pay for Nitrogen bottles or cylinder gas again!
• Never run out of Nitrogen again!
• Save on your draft beer costs!
• Installs easily in minutes using your existing draft beer gas lines.

The N2-GEN™ was designed to meet the needs of the draft beer industry. The N2-GEN™ generates its own Nitrogen (N2) from the air and connects to a McDantim™ blender to produce the perfect blend of CO2 and N2. These blended gases, recommened by all major brewers, push the beer to the tap properly without causing over-foaming, changing original taste, or causing the beer to go flat while sitting in the keg.

The N2-GEN™ with the McDantim™ Blender helps protect the kegged product quality, eliminates over-foaming, under/over carbonation and increases yield/profits, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stop paying for nitrogen bottles or cylinder gas and never run out of nitrogen again with the N2-GEN™. Along with your McDantim™ blender, the N2-GEN™ provides the proper blends of CO2 / N2 beergas for your draft beer system. The N2-GEN™ will help drain the last drop out of the keg and give the customer a great tasting beer, hence the restaurant / pub owner will most definitely increase their profits.



Incorporates the McDantim Blender with the generator

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