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Item # N2-GEN™ -200, N2-GEN™ Nitrogen Generator

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Call Us at 800-686-4674 or E-Mail for Further Information.

• Never pay for Nitrogen bottles or cylinder gas again!
• Never run out of Nitrogen again!
• Save on your draft beer costs!
• Installs easily in minutes using your existing draft beer gas lines.

The N2-GEN™ was designed to meet the needs of the draft beer industry. The N2-GEN™ generates its own Nitrogen (N2) from the air and connects to a McDantim™ blender to produce the perfect blend of CO2 and N2. These blended gases, recommened by all major brewers, push the beer to the tap properly without causing over-foaming, changing original taste, or causing the beer to go flat while sitting in the keg.

The N2-GEN™ with the McDantim™ Blender helps protect the kegged product quality, eliminates over-foaming, under/over carbonation and increases yield/profits, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stop paying for nitrogen bottles or cylinder gas and never run out of nitrogen again with the N2-GEN™. Along with your McDantim™ blender, the N2-GEN™ provides the proper blends of CO2 / N2 beergas for your draft beer system. The N2-GEN™ will help drain the last drop out of the keg and give the customer a great tasting beer, hence the restaurant / pub owner will most definitely increase their profits.



Can provide Nitrogen to the McDantim™ Blender to dispense up to 200 kegs/month or 8 pints/minute (5hr surge).

Typical Installation

The N2-GEN™ separates Nitrogen (N2) from the air we breathe and stores it in a storage tank at low pressure. Did you know that 79% of the air we breathe is Nitrogen? Nitrogen is widely used in the draft beer business to push beer without compromising taste, quality or the original amount of carbonation when used correctly. The N2-GEN™ Nitrogen Generator provides nitrogen to your existing McDantim™ Blender to blend the correct ratio of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) to push the draft beer from the keg to the tap. Using the correct ratio ensures that the beer maintains the desired pressure and carbonation so that the beer doesn’t become flat or over carbonated. These are 2 conditions that cause over foaming and waste. By eliminating these conditions with the N2-GEN™ - Nitrogen Generator with the McDantim™ Blender, you can improve profits and customer satisfaction immensely!

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