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Item # item-7383, Bulk Carbon Dioxide Storage & Delivery

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Sutton-Garten Co. can now supply your small cylinder and liquid carbon dioxide requirements from our dedicated CO2 trucks and 30 ton and 6 ton bulk storage tanks.

20 and 50 pound cylinders are available, or liquid delivery is Increasingly popular for restaurants and bars or for high volume industrial and food applications. We install a permanent cylinder at your facility, usually about 2 feet in diameter and 5 feet tall, and then our liquid truck then fills your cylinder without the hassles of moving cylinders or interrupting your operation.
And best of all, you never run out. Most customers mount a fill box on the outside wall of their facility, so our driver never needs to enter your building. And for draft beer systems, you can add a nitrogen generator system so that you never deal with cylinders again.

Give Tom Nelson or Matt Garten a call to see how economical and convenient bulk delivery can be.
Call 800-686-4674 or (317)264-3236

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