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Item # item-6063, The BeerBlast™ - Mixed Gas Dispense System

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The BeerBlast™ - Mixed Gas Dispense System was designed to meet the needs of the draft beer industry. Simply, The BeerBlast™ generates its own Nitrogen (N2) from the air using a safe, straightforward process and utilizes an integral McDantim™ blender to produce the perfect blend of CO2 and N2. These blended gases, recommended by all major brewers, maintain the beer quality from the keg to the pint glass.

The (3) main variables in a draft beer system are (1) pushing the beer to the taps with the right pressure of gas, (2) maintaining the proper temperature of the beer and (3) pushing the beer from the keg to the tap with the perfect blend of CO2 and Nitrogen. The BeerBlast™– Mixed Gas Dispense System provides that perfect blend of gas therefore protecting the kegged product quality, eliminating over-foaming, keeping the product properly carbonated, and therefore resulting in a perfect draft beer pour!

That perfect draft beer pour also means no more wasted beer down the drain due to over-carbonation. The BeerBlast™ allows your restaurant/pub to begin each day with the beer pouring from the taps properly and keeps your bartenders from dumping pitcher after pitcher of foam, expensive product, down the drain. Empty each keg and maximize your restaurant/pubs profits!

So, let the BeerBlast™ - Mixed Gas Dispense System provide your customer with a great tasting beer and see first hand how this turn key system will not only provide a quality draft beer but also maximize customer satisfaction and most definitely increase your restaurant/pubs draft beer profits!


How the BeerBlast™ Works

The BeerBlast™ provides an economical, precise means of supplying mixed beer gas to "push" the beer to the tap within restaurant and pubs establishments. Beer brewers have established recommended Carbon-Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) mixed gas ratios to protect the kegged product quality, eliminating over-foaming or under-carbonation, while increasing the keg life. Precise mixed beer gas lowers operational costs, increases yields/profits, and ultimately provides a higher level of customer satisfaction. This system can also be used for wine or specialty mixed drinks dispensing systems.

The BeerBlast™ consists of an internal Nitrogen generator, compressor, and a CO2/N2 dual output gas blender. Since air is comprised of ~79% N2, the BeerBlast™ simply and cost-effectively separates the N2 from the air. Nitrogen is an inert gas (non-combustible), which is even used to package food products for increased shelf life. The N2 is “generated” by means of the air compressor simply pushing air into the membrane element, which in turn mechanically separates N2 molecules from other molecules found within the air. The beverage quality N2 is then stored in a Nitrogen storage tank at 80 psi. When the bartender opens the tap handle and gas is needed to “push” the beer from the keg to the tap, Nitrogen is then forwarded from the storage tank to the integral McDantim™ dual output gas blender which precisely blends the N2 and CO2 from the restaurant/pub’s in house CO2 storage cylinder / bulk tank. The standard CO2/N2 blends available are 60% / 40% for lagers, 25% / 75% for your Guinness and Boddingtons, and 100% N2 for the WineLast™ or mixed drink machines.

Using the correct ratio ensures that the beer maintains the desired pressure and carbonation so that the beer doesn’t become flat or over carbonated. These are 2 conditions that cause over foaming and waste. By eliminating these conditions with a BeerBlast™, you can improve profits and customer satisfaction immensely.

Benefits of BeerBlast™

Increased Profits

• Realize an 8-20% increase in draft beer yield due to eliminating over-foaming which means no more pouring draft beer down the drain
• The precise blend of CO2 and Nitrogen ensures that the beer does not go flat
• No more Nitrogen or beer gas cylinder run-outs when you can generate your own Nitrogen


• Generates beverage grade Nitrogen safely from the air
• Ensures customer satisfaction by presenting the beer as the brewer intended
• Quality draft beer means no more repeat customers

Improved Safety

• The BeerBlast™ is equipped with the BlastOff™ - Leak Detection System
• Detects beer gas leaks
• Improved Safety for your facility and employees
• Reduces service call expenses
• Less potential gas run-outs

• Eliminates the need for your employees handling high pressure cylinders

Reliability and Convenience

• Why not cost effectively generate your own Nitrogen?
• Provides two blends of CO2 and Nitrogen for all lager beers and Guinness
• No more costly gas run-outs
• S-100 can dispense up to 100 kegs per month and has a five hour surge capacity of 9 kegs (4 pints per minute)


Gas Equipment BeerBlast™ Models
(PDF, 488KB)

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