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Dry Ice & Equipment

Sutton Garten is the premier manufacturer and distributor of dry ice in the MidWest. We produce dry ice daily and make delivery easy and convenient for our customers. It is availaible in pellets, slab or block.   Our facility is strategically located to ensure uninterrupted supply and service. Sutton Garten Dry Ice supplies cutomers of a wide range of sizes, from individuals to independent contractors to Fortune 500 companies.

Dry ice is pure carbon dioxide (CO2) in solid form. Its name is due to the fact that it has certain similarities with normal ice, but when it sublimates (passes directly from a solid state to gas), it does not leave residues of moisture. Dry ice sublimates at -109 degrees F.

Dry Ice, the most concentrated form of cold readily available, is supplied in block or pellet form. Dry Ice has approximately double the refrigeration capacity of water ice by weight. It’s colder, leaves no mess, lasts longer and is the ideal portable refrigeration for coolers, car fridges and ice boxes.


Dry ice is used in:

* Food transport - Dry ice can be used for to ship ice cream, home delivery groceries, safely pack fresh baked goods, and more.

* Meat production - Dry ice is used throughout the meat processing industry to cool meat for shipping after slaughter.

* Industrial dry ice blast cleaning - Dry ice blasting is an alternative to soda or water blasting, and to manual cleaning with solvents.

* Medical and Pharmaceutical shipping and research - Dry ice is an effective cooling agent for biological samples and other biochem applications.

* Airline catering - Dry ice is used in the airline catering industry to keep prepared meals fresh during transportation.


Dry ice is used in:

* Keep perishables fresh - Dry ice can be used during power outage to prevent refrigerated foods from spoiling.

* Reduce hair loss for chemotherapy patients - A dry ice-cooled "cold cap" can reduce or prevent hair loss.

* Removing old tile floors - Dry ice breaks old glue bonds, freeing aging tiles.

* Fix a car dent - The rapid chilling of car metal will "pop" the dent without scratcging paint.

* Trap insects - Dry ice can be used as bait to trap mosquitos, bedbugs, moths, and other insects due to their attraction to carbon dioxide.

* Make soda pop - Just add water, sugar and soda syrup.

* Preserve grain and seeds - Dry ice controls the pests that attack stored seeds and grain; it can also be used to generate the extremely cold temperatures some seeds need to germinate.

* Flash frezzing fish - Dry ice can be used to flash freeze freshly caught fish.

* Add spooky smoke to Halloween displays - Dry ice is the best way to get that creepy graveyard effect on Halloween.

Dry Ice supplied by Sutton Garten is available for pick up or delivery so buy your dry ice online today!

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